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Healthcare Solutions

Making health information understandable . . . and actionable

With an estimated 32 million Americans entering the health care system under the Affordable Care Act, it is essential that health care materials are easily understood and accessible. Clear by Design® is a suite of health literacy training products used to help develop clear health communications for both print and digital materials. To learn more, read the case study.

For this initiative, I led a cross-functional team, provided the creative and strategic vision, and helped launch the program in 2004. I also conduct health literacy training seminars around the US.

Providing health education to underserved communities

The Healthy Exchange program, using the Verizon network, cloud, and mobile services, promises to tackle some of the largest health challenges we face with patient access to community, education, and support. It relies on the donation of smart phones that are refurbished with relevant health apps and local resources uses mobile technology to connect and inform patients and empower them to take charge of their health. To learn more, read the case study.

I was part of the core strategic team and provided overall art direction. Out of 1,400 entries, the program was a Top 10 finalist in the health care category in the Verizon Powerful Answers Awards Contest.

The Patient Journey: The process

and research behind the path

Visually mapping out a patient's journey
from diagnosis to long-term medication compliance can help uncover truths within the health care experience that bring about new sources of treatment innovation for both patients and professionals alike. Research from literature reviews, social media mining, stakeholder interviews, insight circles, ethnographies, and other sources provide
the foundation and emotions that helps
bring the patient journey to life.  To learn more, read the case study.

For these types of projects, I have been the lead designer and sole creative strategist.

Instilling confidence and control

during an emergency situation

The Patient Instructions for Use (IFU) is
often the initial touch-point of education about a new device for patients, their caregivers, and health care professionals.
For a drug that treats severe hypoglycemia during emergency situations, it is equally as important to defuse the anxiety related to the use of an emergency kit. To help alleviate this type of situation, the IFU was placed on the actual device and serves to assure the caregiver that using it is a simple process.

I have led the creative development of more than 15 IFUs to date and have attended numerous User Studies where my strategic partnership has helped to ensure a successful FDA approval process.

Helping patients with Type 2 diabetes gain new confidence and skills

The Bydureon® Demo kit is a teaching tool that helps health care providers and patients master the skills of the medicine's dose preparation and administration. Since it is a multi-component system, it is essential that injection-naïve patients receive the support, education, and self-confidence they need in order to fit this Type 2 diabetes therapy into their daily lives.

I was the lead creative director and provided strategic vision throughout the development process for this product. As an educational and instructional design expert, I apply behavioral models of learning to my work in order to develop successful health care products for patients.

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