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Creative campaigns that resonate across all media channels

For Zolinza®, an orphan drug used for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma,
it was essential for the creative to embody the qualities of hope and optimism for the future. From awareness and consideration
to initiation and adherence, educational materials were developed across multiple channels in order to address all stages of patient engagement.

For this drug launch, I designed the overarching campaign and brand identity, and provided the creative and strategic vision for all materials.


Award-winning website that helps Real People with Real Stories

Created for Eli Lilly’s brand Cymbalta®,
the Real Stories web site enabled people suffering from depression to view personally relevant stories through a “storyfinder” filter that matches them to their symptoms, attitudes, and beliefs about the disease.
In-context learning was achieved by pointing to interactive exercises for users to complete at the most-relevant moments within the videos.

The website received national press and many awards (including a WEBBY). And patients praised the videos for their true and raw depiction of the disease.

Targeted creative that hits the mark

Fully understanding insights prior to
creating a campaign look and feel is crucial
to ensuring that marketing materials will be relevant and used. Through a research-
driven strategic process called Transformative Insight, I uncover the core stakeholder insight prior to creative development. This data-driven exercise provides knowledge of where the brand “fits” in the eyes of the viewer,
and all creative concepts are born from
this insight.

I have more than 15 years' experience as a User Engagement designer, delivering creative solutions for health care, biotech companies, and more.

MCO materials that make a difference

The Journey to Wellness Series is an educational program for managed care organizations that educates health plan members about various diseases associated with diabetes and how they can take preventative action. Member materials are offered in English and Spanish, and health care organizations can customize items with their own logos and contact information. Helping organizations reach better business outcomes by providing members with understandable and actionable health care information is the overarching goal of this robust program.

Additional work created for the managed care market includes web sites, video, audio, gaming, tutorials, and counseling materials.

Making health care fun for kids

What child hasn’t had the occasional tummy ache? But there could be more to the issue. Helping small children understand the symptoms and treatment of GERD is the objective of this fun, animated children’s storybook. A Bunny’s Tummy Trouble: The Journey of Pete’s Tummy Ache uses rhyming poetry to walk a child through a typical patient journey when treating symptoms of GERD. Through a lovable rabbit, this booklet helps alleviate the fears a small child may have regarding a doctor visit and the subsequent treatment options they need
to perform.

From educational brochures to device instructions to interactive web sites, I have created pediatric materials that are engaging, informative and, most of all, fun.

Helping physicians to better diagnose common mental illnesses

Mental illness symptoms are often difficult to recognize and can overlap with other mental health conditions. The Finding Answers program provides health care professionals with easy-to-use, flexible, and validated screening tools to help identify the overlapping symptoms of common mental illnesses. The goal of the customizable program is to help physicians reach a more accurate diagnosis for someone suffering from a mental health condition.

This unbranded initiative positioned Eli Lilly as a dedicated partner to managed market providers and featured mental health conditions that strategically aligned with their product portfolio.

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