Kenneth Thorlton

My career aspiration is to work for a company where the scope of my talent, knowledge, and experience provides me the opportunity to share my creative vision and strategic leadership for the betterment of all

Strategy that hits the mark

Producing unique and original strategic solutions that drive user engagement and win awards has been the cornerstone of my career. In order to achieve this, I’ve performed many roles, each with proven and successful outcomes.

Executive Leader

Leadership team member for 12+ years focusing on the creative function to ensure the environment, culture, team, capabilities and expectations provide unparalleled client service

Business Driver

Core team member representing the creative function for initial capabilities presentations to multi-faceted, in-depth creative pitch presentations

Client Partner

Client-facing colleague who delivers and presents strategic communication solutions that help achieve client’s brand messages, marketing objectives, and business results

Strategic Thinker

Integrating strategy and design to successfully meet client needs and requirements. Providing
strategic and creative development of marketing and branding efforts for new business initiatives

Thought Leader

Published author and round table guest

Global Marketer

Business travel to Germany, Japan, Sweden, UK, Spain, and major cities in the US for research initiatives, client meetings and leadership opportunities

Health Care Advocate

15 years' experience as a User Engagement consultant, delivering creative solutions for health care, biotech companies, and more



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